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Date of course: Friday 30th August 2024
Course Length: 1 Day
Price of course: £995
Availability: 6 spaces remaining

This comprehensive course, led by renowned expert Dr. Simon Ravichandran, delves into the intricacies of non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, offering medical professionals an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in this specialised field.

Throughout the course, participants will gain a profound understanding of the anatomy of the nose, exploring its complex structure and function in detail. Dr. Ravichandran will guide attendees through the aesthetic ideals of the nose, elucidating principles of symmetry, proportion, and balance that underpin facial harmony.

By examining case studies and real-life examples, participants will learn to identify individual variations in nasal anatomy and tailor treatment plans to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes. Moreover, the course will highlight the pivotal role of the nose in facial aesthetics, emphasising its impact on overall facial harmony and balance.

Through interactive discussions and hands-on workshops, attendees will develop a keen appreciation for the nuanced relationship between nasal morphology and facial aesthetics. Central to the curriculum are discussions on danger areas and potential risks associated with non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Dr. Ravichandran will share invaluable insights into risk mitigation strategies and best practices for ensuring patient safety. From recognising anatomical landmarks to mastering injection techniques, participants will emerge equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate potential complications effectively. By the conclusion of the course, attendees will have gained a comprehensive understanding of advanced non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, empowering them to deliver exceptional results with confidence and precision.

Join Dr. Simon Ravichandran on this transformative journey into the art and science of non-surgical rhinoplasty, and elevate your practice to new heights of excellence.

ATA Masterclasses are heavily interactive, focusing on hands-on training. Following a short introductory orientation and faculty demonstration, the format of the course is entirely practical. There will be multiple cases performed on the day, with each delegate performing a complete treatments from start to finish, under the direct supervision of one of our expert faculty. When you are not injecting, you will be observing other treatments and engaging with the faculty and your peers.

Delegates must have experience training in Dermal Filler Injections. As with all ATA courses, this course is only available to registered Doctors, Dentists and Nurses.

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Just completed 2 day course in toxin and fillers! Never been on a course like it! So informative and skills shared and taught were effective, ethical and safe! Would highly recommend this course. Simon, the Academy and team are welcoming, approachable and professional making sure you are supported during training and after in your career in facial aesthetics. Will most definitely be going back for future training!


Great morning very informative learning new techniques from Simon & Emma.


Great training facility and location, thoroughly enjoyed my training day here.


Great facilities in a central location with car park just across the road too. Excellent day with Simon and Emma, always learn so much with them. Thanks guys. (obligatory trip to House of Fraser… be rude not to as it was just next door).


The training academy is very central and easy to get to by car or train. Which makes life so much easier. I had a great day of training with Simon and emma on the use of Radiesse to the lower face. Thanks guys once again for sharing your expertise.